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Welcome to the CTD Glossary. The following page covers the most commonly used terminology related to our products.


Anchor Point

The location where a tie down is attached to cargo or its surroundings. Tie-Downs designed to hold cargo have a listed working load limit. If the anchor point has a lower strength rating than the tie-down, then the load rating of the tie down will be limited to the strength of the anchor point.

Breaking Strength

The minimum force a component or assembly can handle before failure. Breaking strengths are typically tested and established using an ultimate destructive test. When creating an assembly of components, such as a ratchet strap, the final product is only as strong as the weakest component.

Working Load Limit (WLL)

The maximum force a component or assembly should be subject to during use. It is recommended to never let the weight of a cargo load exceed the working load limit of the securing tie-downs. The Working load limits provided on our websites are calculated using the 3x safety factor recommended by the Web Sling and Tie-Down Association. To determine the working load limit, a breaking strength is established through testing, then the breaking strength is divided by 3. This equation can be written as WLL = Breaking Strength * 1/3.

Example: A Ratchet Strap has a Breaking Strength of 3000 lbs would have a working load limit (WLL) or 1000 lbs.

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